Saturday, February 23, 2008

Teachers' Guides

Teachers' Guides

The following Blockbuster Plots line of plot tools has teachers' guides available for student readers and writers
Middle School
High School

The following plot tool has teachers' guide for MIDDLE SCHOOL/JUNIOR HIGH students

Plot Guide/Writers Workshop DVD
Both the Scene Tracker and the Plot Planner tools are demonstrated

Includes: 120 minute Plot Intensive Workshop DVD (best to also have on hand for reference help: the 200-page Blockbuster Plots book and the Scene Tracker template CD & tutorial)
Free online Reading and Writing Teachers' Guide by Martha Alderson, M.A., teacher and plot consultant for writers.
Teacher Note: These activities were created to offer information through a variety of auditory and visual channels to accomodate all different learning styles.


MIDDLE SCHOOL/Jr High or Grades 6-8 (ages 9-12) Students
1.) Become more proficient in Reading (R2-R3) and Writing (W2) Standands as outlined by the California Language Arts Content Standards
2.) Develop thinking skills as laid out in Bloom's Taxonomy

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